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Paul Dubro, a student at Canyon Springs High School of North Las Vegas, Nevada, was selected to attend the Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy in the summer of 2018. The goal of SLCDA, hosted by the United States Marine Corps, is to return students back to their communities more confident, selfless and better equipped to improve the lives of those around them. High school sophomores and juniors are selected to participate in this six day leadership and character developing training based on grade point average, participation in athletics, leadership and service-oriented activities. They also need to show that they are physically strong, possess leadership traits, strong moral and ethical standards. (Courtesy photo)

Photo by Sgt. Nicole Zurbrugg

RS Salt Lake City candidates selected for SLCDA

30 May 2018 | Sgt. Nicole Zurbrugg 8th Marine Corps District

The goal of SLCDA is to return students back to their communities more confident, selfless and better equipped to improve the lives of those around them.

 Paul Dubro of North Las Vegas, Nevada and Jordon Hatch of Heber City, Utah were selected for the 2018 academy, which takes place July 16-22 in Quantico, VA
“This academy is very important to me because it is going to give me the tools and means to prepare myself to be a true leader,” said Paul Dubro, a student at Canyon Springs High School. “I have the will to join The Few and The Proud once I finish high school. I want to serve as a Marine Officer.”

Dubro says he is a firm believer that the only way for a person to grow is in the face of challenging odds. He strives to always seek improvement in himself.
Jordan Hatch, a student at Wasatch High School says he wants nothing more than to better himself and experience leadership and bonding within a focused military based atmosphere.

“The wealth of information and experience present at SLCDA is one of the most intriguing and encouraging aspects of applying,” said Hatch. “I expect to learn from example… and learn to carefully analyze the aspects and characteristics necessary to succeed in a military occupation.”

During the course of the week, these two will be challenged to step outside their comfort zones to fortify their confidence and leadership skills. They will be presented with prominent leaders and entrepreneurs from around the country, Marine Corps leaders and Holocaust survivors.

 Physical fitness will be emphasized through scenario-based reaction courses. Surrounded by a diverse range of students from around the country, this will encourage the participants to come together as a team and enhance their leadership skills.

“The expectations I have for SLCDA are those of building leadership, hardening mental toughness, developing elevated character and forging relationships that will help me to excel in applications for scholarships and colleges,” said Hatch.

 These six days of SLCDA will demonstrate how to lead from those who define the virtues of character and ethical decision making: United States Marines. Upon successful completion of all events, a graduation is held to mark the success and reaffirm each student’s commitment to leadership, character and ethical decision making.

“In my eyes, there are no better leaders than that of a leader who stands proudly with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor pinned on a military uniform,” said Dubro. “ I want to learn how to be such a leader, to get down in the mud, analyze details, get to the core of what it means to truly serve one’s proud nation as an officer among the world’s fiercest and proudest fighting force.”