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The studio is open to Marine Corps personnel needing official photographs. All photographs are handled and sent either electronically to MMSB if a member of 8th Marine Corps District or to your certifying official if outside of 8th Marine Corps District. All "no shows" information will be passed to the district sergeant major or executive officer for action with their individual commands. 

If you are member of MAG-41 and their major subordinate commands whether Reserve or Active Duty the contact number for your photography studio is 817-782-3413, please contact them for support on official photographs.

All other tenant commands will be supported on a case-by-case basis as operational requirements for 8th Marine Corps District take precedence over support to outside commands. 8th Marine Corps District is not a traditional base combat camera studio but a tenant command who has limited combat camera assets to support other units.


 Photographs are done on Thursday by appointment only 0900-1100 and 1300-1500.

Processing time for photographs is 5-business days. Exceptions granted for extenuated circumstances to the 5-business day requirement requires justification from your unit sergeant major or commanding officer via the 8th Marine Corps District Sergeant Major.

Regardless of rank or body fat percentage, EVERY promotion photo will require height/weight and body fat (when required) to be certified by the Marine's senior leadership (CO/XO/SgtMaj/1stSgt). This done via a Height and Weight Certification Letter. Without this, you will receive no photograph. Only Marines serving in those billets are eligible to certify photos in accordance with MARADMIN 548/16.

We DO NOT provide hard copies or digital copies for promotion photos. Package photos that require a hard copy and are not submitted to MMSB. If you need both, It needs a letter of justification from an OIC or Commanding Officer.

The Photographer is not responsible for your personal appearance, ribbon placement, or information. We do not clip, tape, or digitally alter photos. It is your responsibility to be squared away before taking your photo.

We provide photos ONLY for the following:

Promotion Boards

Command Board Photos (Battalion level and above only)
Marine of the Quarter
NCO of the Quarter
Meritorious Promotion 
Weight Waiver


Marine Corps official photographs, board and command photos are by appointment only. To make an appointment, please call (817) 782-6779 or email here.

Service members seeking promotion photographs will need to complete a Height & Weight Verification Sheet before the photograph can be sent out. Download and print the sheet by clicking the link.