Recruiting Station Dallas
Master Gunnery Sergeant Santos J. Ramirez

MGySgt Santos J. Ramirez was born in Chicago, IL. After graduating high school in 1999, MGySgt Ramirez shipped off the recruit training at MCRD San Diego, Ca. PFC Ramirez graduated from recruit training on Oct 8, 1999, and was sent to SOI-WEST MCT M Co. Once MCT was complete, PFC Ramirez was ordered to complete MOS 3381 Foodservice School in Fort Lee, VA.

In March 2000, PFC Ramirez was ordered to his first duty station, 1st Bn 8th Marines (V18), and promoted to LCpl in April 2000. LCpl Ramirez deployed on the 22nd MEU with V18 from Oct 2000 to April 2001. In October of 2001, LCpl Ramirez was promoted to Corporal. Corporal Ramirez was assigned to the Field mess for V18 and the storeroom clerk for Mess Hall 122. In March 2003, Cpl Ramirez was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and deployed once more, but on the 26th MEU in support of OIF, and disembarked in Mosul, Iraq. Sgt Ramirez completed the deployment and received orders to Recruiter School.

Sgt Ramirez was ordered to report to 8th Marine Corps District, Recruiting Station Fort Worth, and Recruiting Sub-Station San Angelo for duty as a canvassing recruiter in March of 2005. Sgt Ramirez completed a successful tour of recruiting and was also promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant in 2007.

SSgt Ramirez was then ordered to report to Combat Logistics Regiment-17 Food Service company and was assigned as Field Mess SNCOIC. SSgt Ramirez was ordered to PCS and deployed to Fallujah, Iraq, with Combat Logistics Battalion-5 in 2009. After returning from deployment, SSgt Ramirez was assigned to be the Chief Cook for Mess Hall 43 in Las Pulgas.

SSgt Ramirez requested and executed orders to return to recruiting duty in 2010 and served as SNCOIC of RSS Bedford. After running RSS Bedford from 2010-2013, SSgt Ramirez was promoted to GySgt and was able to attend Career Recruiter School (CRC). Upon returning from CRC, GySgt Ramirez was ordered to PCA to RSS Mid Cities to serve as SNCOIC. In 2014 GySgt Ramirez PCA’d to Recruiting Station Fort Worth operations to serve as Operations Chief (OPSC). GySgt Ramirez served as OPSC from 2014 to 2016 and was reassigned to Assistant Recruiter Instructor (ARI). In May of 2016, GySgt Ramirez was assigned to run the Bedford Office and did so until a merger eight months later in RSS Mid Cities took place. GySgt Ramirez was once again assigned in 2017 to serve as the OPSC for Recruiting Station Fort Worth and was also promoted to Master Sergeant until given orders to Recruiting Station Salt Lake City (RS SLC) to serve as Assistant Recruiter Instructor. MSgt Ramirez reported to RS SLC on July 31, 2018, and has served as the OPSC and ARI (not concurrent). MSgt Ramirez was then given orders to the 8th Marine Corps district in 2021 to serve as a district training team member. During that time, MSgt Ramirez was the interim Recruiting Instructor (RI) for Recruiting Station Fort Worth. In Jan 2023, MSgt Ramirez was promoted to Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt) and given orders for February 2023 to serve in his current billet as RI for Recruiting Station Dallas.

MGySgt Ramirez is married to Diana Ramirez and has three children Leah. (20), Santos (19) and Michael (5)

MGySgt Ramirez’s personal awards include the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal w/ two gold stars, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal, and the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal w/ six stars.