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U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col Taylor Young, 8th Marine Corps District recruiter operations officer, provides reflection on a record-breaking year and upcoming changes during a speech at the 8412 symposium in Galveston, Texas August 28, 2018. The Symposium brings 8th Marine Corps District career recruiters together to develop the mind, body and spirit of the individual career recruiter through sustainment training and advanced practices. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. Clarence A. Leake)

Photo by Sgt. Clarence Leake

Career Recruiters Committed to Excellence

30 Aug 2018 | Sgt. Clarence Leake 8th Marine Corps District

Career recruiters and command groups throughout the 8th Marine Corps District gathered this week in Galveston, Texas to participate in an annual leadership symposium aimed at developing the mind, body and spirit of 8412s across 8th District.
The purpose of the 8412 Symposium is to professionalize each career recruiter within the district. This involved developmental workshops to grow the knowledge of the force, breakout sessions to advance best practices and inspirational speakers to renew and refresh the 8th District’s commitment to excellence.
As the senior 8412 in the 8th Marine Corps District, Master Gunnery Sgt. Anthony Henry understands just how special the community truly is. 
“Being an 8412 is truly a privilege; we are responsible for the maintenance and adherence of the tenants of systematic recruiting. We grow up together, and our frequency to serve in the same command is unique to [career recruiters]. That reliability on one another strengthens our bond and unifies our efforts.”
Highlighted during the workshop were two guest speakers, CDR. Maurice Buford and Mr. Jia Jiang. CDR. Buford, who currently serves as the Chaplain Corps Officer Community Manager, and Mr. Jiang, well known for his expertise on “rejection proofing”, each provided insights on how the recruiting force can increase resiliency.
The culminating event of the symposium was a traditional Mess Night, which featured the second annual 8412 Hall of Fame induction ceremony. This year the 8th Marine Corps District inducted six retired 8th District career recruiters into its Hall of Fame.
“The Hall of Fame is a way of recognizing those 8412s in the community who have gone above and beyond the call of duty by permanently immortalizing these stakeholders from the past and carrying them into our future,” say Henry.
Col. Matthews, the commanding officer of the 8th Marine Corps District, noted that the Hall of Fame serves to honor the legacy of those career recruiters who have come before and paved the way for the current success of the district.
“The Hall of Fame induction ceremony celebrates the values and ideals of the 8412 community and recognizes those individuals who embody those values.”
While the leadership symposium lasts but a few days each year, it represents the commitment to excellence found everyday within the 8th Marine Corps District.