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Recruiting Station San Antonio Marines proudly display their Western Recruiting Region of the Year 2016 banner during an all-hands training event. Recruiting Station San Antonio once again earned the title of Western Recruiting Region Recruiting Station of the Year 2017.

Photo by Sgt. Guadalupe Campos

2017 Western Recruiting Station of the Year: Recruiting Station San Antonio

18 Dec 2017 | Sgt. Lupe Campos 8th Marine Corps District

Recruiting Station San Antonio earned the title of Western Recruiting Region Recruiting Station of the Year for the second consecutive year. Recruiting Station (RS) San Antonio won by displaying excellence in every aspect of recruiting.

Western Recruiting Region (WRR) consists of three districts that oversee eight recruiting stations each. RS San Antonio was selected as WRR RS of the Year Fiscal Year 2017 out of 24 different Recruiting Stations.

When asked what the success of RS San Antonio is attributed to, Maj. Christopher R. Richardella, Commanding Officer of RS San Antonio simply said, “Great Marines.”

Through relevant training, constant communication and dedicated teamwork, RS San Antonio staff worked tirelessly to accomplish their mission.

“Everyone in this command has complete buy-in to attain success as a team,” said Master Sgt. Arnulfo Leal, Operations Chief of RS San Antonio. “Our Marines are committed to being with our poolees through every step of their evolution on their way to becoming United States Marines.”

RS San Antonio earned the title of Fiscal Year 2016 WRR RS of the Year, and again earned the title of fiscal year 2017 WRR RS of the Year.

“It’s not about winning a title or getting awards,” says Capt. Kimberly A. Lee, RS San Antonio Executive Officer, “it’s about doing the best job and contracting the most qualified individuals to join the Marine Corps. The title of WRR RS of the Year is recognition for the hard work the Marines of this recruiting station, but they don’t do it for the reward. They do it for love of the Corps.”

The recruiting station recently saw a change in recruiting instructor, a billet that is responsible for ensuring all the individuals in the command are thoroughly trained to accomplish their mission.

“My initial thoughts when I was selected to become the Recruiter Instructor (RI) of the best Recruiting Station in Western Recruiting Region, was honestly one of excitement and responsibility,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Elvi Batista, RS San Antonio RI. “Excitement to work with the talented Marine 8412s, Command Group, and Marines of Recruiting Station San Antonio. I walked through the hallways of the Recruiting Station and looked at all the Banners and Eagles of the accomplishments which have been won for over three decades and it gave me an extra sense of responsibility. My responsibility to play my position at 100% capacity/efficiency in order to honor those who have paved the way and built this great legacy. I'm truly humbled and honored to be part of such a great team!”

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